Thursday, October 21, 2004

Family Life

There is something to be said about being with your children for most of the day. We now have so much more time than we used to have--time together and time for individual pursuits as well. Time for in-depth study and time for silliness.

All three of us are enjoying this new adventure immensely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Self and Home Education

"I cannot live without books."--Thomas Jefferson.

I love books. I have thousands in my home. I also love to read, and right now I am trying to instill that into my children. Luckily, we educate at home so they have time to enjoy this most essential aspect of life. Recently we finished Eragon as a family, and we can't wait for the sequel! My oldest son is almost finished reading The Golden Goblet, which is about ancient Egypt. This has gone nicely with our ancient history studies. I, too, am enjoying learning about history in a way I have never learned it before.

My two sons and I are also learning Latin together. I am amazed that the boys say it is their favorite subject! It is astonishing how much English comes from Latin. No need for an extra vocabulary program!

In the past, math has always been both the boys' favorite subject. I guess it was because it came so easily to them. After all, they have two parents with engineering degrees. Now, though, I'm not quite sure why, but they are resisting me on it a little. They are still great at what they are learning, but they just don't enjoy it as much. Maybe it is because all the other subjects are now so much more interesting than when they were in private school, and math is still the same.

Science has been fun. We are doing experiments, and the boys love it. They are soaking up a lot. I think both of them will be science oriented--the oldest toward life science and the youngest toward physical science/engineering.

Well, more on this adventure later. There are still Latin quizzes to be taken and a house to be cleaned!